When The Yuck Arrives. Literally.

It’s that time of year again. The time a year when kids go back to school, our seasons start to get confused, pollen goes a little stir crazy one last time, and it seems everyone you encounter is fighting off some sort of The Yuck. I’m not talking about that emotional spiritual depression type of Yuck although we could talk about that in another post… I’m talking today about actual Yuck. Sniffles, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, ugly face, cold and flu, allergy infested kind of Yuck. The really yucky kind. You know it. It makes your eyes water and keeps you up at night. Hopefully it never turns into any full blown bronchial or pneumonia like episode and only stays in the annoying makes-everything-slow-motion and sluggish phase. But it is usually enough to slow us down a notch and we don’t care too much for that. So because the grown ups in my house work in environments where we are dealing with clients/patients and the kiddos attend public schools… we get our share of exposure to The Yuck. We need protection. Sometimes we need more than others. This month The Yuck has hit our household a little bit more than usual. We have upped our defenses in all directions. I want to share with you what it is that we’re doing and how. Stock up on herbs, supplements, and produce! I’ve been using medicinal herbs for years. You can buy them online these days or you can sometimes find them at a local Herb Store. Some things you can even grow in your own backyard! Whether you decide to go out and seek raw herbs or by the pre-packaged form they will really help you maintain higher levels of immunity and protect you during cold and flu season. And when I say supplements I mean things like vitamins, garlic, and oregano oil. YL makes a product we love called Inner Defense we take when we feel The Yuck is headed our way. And we cook and eat fresh as much as possible. If anyone gets actually under attack I make homemade soup with tons of healing herbs and we ALL eat that for a day or two! It’s all about the honey, honey. Buy local honey produced within 100 miles (50 is even better) of your home. Eat it everyday. In your teas for sure. You can sweeten your coffee even… cook with it. Be careful with how much honey you take at once if you’re diabetic, as it does increase and spike you’re hypoglycemic rate slightly more than white sugar. But for anyone who isn’t, local honey in your daily routine is an outstanding way to guard yourself against The Yuck. Here is why: Honey that is produced within 50 to a 100 miles of where you live contains all the pollens that are flying through the air that you can possibly be reacting to , it’s like having a natural antibody to fight your allergies. Most perfect allergy remedy in nature. If suffer from allergies especially, you will see a difference if you eat 1-2 tsp a day. Raise your alkalinity. There are a million ways that you can do this, and If you still don’t understand why it’s important to have a proper pH balance inside your body Then I would send you down that Internet worm hole that leads you on a search to do that homework and then come back. To sum it up, you need to be pH balanced and modern diet makes it damn near impossible to do it alone. A.C.V. is your friend. There’s plenty of information out there telling you all the thousands of reasons why you should be drinking it as part of your diet. If you are sick, have allergies, or are at all feeling under the weather at all, I suggest you do this every day until you feel back to 100%. It may make you feel so good that you wanna do it every day. Try adding honey, lemon, and cinnamon to make more palpable (pssssst. Those all have health benefits too!). Take a probiotic, eat some ginger, and lots and lots of leafy greens, colorful veggies, and keep processed foods out of your body as much as possible. Sometimes you can’t avoid coming into contact with germs and sickness, but you can do your very best to protect your own immunity and keep yourself healthy and well. Know what things can help support you on your healing journey. Take care of you. P.S. At the time of publishing this blog even I was almost knocked down by a cold/flu virus, but after 3 days of holistic alchemy and apothecary I am well on my way back to 100%. Herbs and oils work.

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