Scam Alert:

I did not follow my own advice. And I may end up paying for it… if I have not already. Getting scammed isn’t fun for anyone, for any reason. Especially if there is money involved. Lots or little, no one likes to lose. Or be taken for a ride. I got excited. I invested without properly vetting the company I was trusting with my funds. As I have been learning about cryptocurrancy I have read many a warning. You javer probably heard them too… Don’t lose your private keys. Research new coins and ICOs thoroughly before you invest. Don’t leave too much coin on the trading platform. Don’t get excited when BTC price dips. Don’t panic sell. I am learning everyday. Thank goodness. Most recently I have learned what may be the hardest way. I feel I have lost money. I lost the ability to access my coin (at least it seems so) because I may have put my hard earned BTC in a scam site. I got excited. The ROI sounded great! They give you referral credit. And a link! Like this… Looks legit right? I tossed a little money in this just to test the system. I forgot a zero in my decimal and sent more than I intended. Oops. Well, if it is as good as they promise awesome! But it isn’t working as the website stated. Those daily withdraws they promised are failing. 4 days in a row. 10x a day error messages. Oh. No. My bad. I should have waited. I should have waited to find another investor to vibe with about it and get honest opinions. I didn’t. I dove in. Of course, I am trying to be optimistic. Maybe since they are only 22 days old they are experiencing more new users than anticipated. Maybe this is the first growing pain and the withdraw errors will be corrected in the coming days. However… until I can withdraw as promised I am leaning toward this being a scam. Buyer beware. This article expressess my individual opinion. I am not a professional investor or advisor. I heavily suggest with anything cryptocurrancy related you thoroughly investigate before you invest. I am sorry to report I did not take my own advice and I may not recover my funds, let alone the promised gains. But I learned a valuable lesson and will grow from it.