My Favorites

As a career hairdresser/stylist/salon owner and professional conversationalist I have spent years and years of my life recommending products and helping people establish healthy routines in the personal care department.

It is only fair that I share with all of you what you would hear me talk about in the salon, or in my personal life for health and wellness. So here goes.


Once you are Sexy, you will always be Sexy. I still love Sexy Hair. I spent many years being their cheerleader directly from the stage and still appreciate all they do for beauty and HAIR STYLING! I can not help myself.

Monat is the newest haircare line to my list, but it has the most ability of any hair product I have ever seen. It has outstanding performance. It is growing hair like crazy for men and women. They have an eye lash serum called Eye Wonder that is impossible to keep in stock it is so rockstar. It is seriously the best thing to happen to hair in 25 years.

Young Living essential oils is something my mother talked me into (no kidding) and it had ended up being the best thing that ever happened to my apothecary and aromatherapy AND my meditation practice. I diffuse ALL. THE. TIME. I wear them as perfume instead harsh chemical filled stuff. I am even more of a DIY queen than before. I am totally and completely in love.

And there you have it folks… In an ever-changing marketplace I changed my retailing strategy. It has allowed me to help everyone I know and everyone I meet to access incredible products. Theses are truly my favorite things.

I would love to earn your business! And if you are interested in joining my team, I am ready for that too. Let me know how I can help you get plugged in.