Kentucky Derby Creates Incredible Dress Up Opportunity 

So the boyfriend showed up recently home from work after a long hard day and said ” Hey babe,  you want to get dressed up this weekend and go to a party?”

Ummmm. Duh!  Yes!  Is this a real question? 

Of. Course. It is a given.

I want to get dressed up and go to a party!

And so we did… and we had a ball.

Jennifer and Justin Credible take the Kentucky Derby Gathering by storm.

I was super excited once i started researching what one wears to this sort of event.  I wanted a combination of Princess Diana meets Pretty Woman meets Beyonce.   I went with a simple well fitting demure dove grey dress and matching leather pumps with a cute bow detail on the toe.  My hat came straight outta my own inventory at Jekyll & Hyde.   I choose what I thought was an ostentatious navy blue feathered asymmetrical mad hatter sort of number, but I found out that next year I need to find (or create)  one even more over the top.  Especially if I want to win a prize.

My guy, on the other hand,  was the absolutely most dapper guy there… with his summer suit, suspenders, tie, hat, and shoe ensemble he was hard to beat.  I love that he loves dress up too!


Isn’t he handsome?!?

Jennifer and Justin Credible, Kentucky Derby Gathering 2017

Moral to the story…

Dress up is awesome.   Everyone should do it.

I plan to play dress up forever. 

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