I Said I Would NEVER Join An MLM. I Ate My Words. And I Liked It.

This is a short story about how the retail part of  the beauty industry has evolved over the last decade…

Imagine a time, before the WWW, that we all had to rely on our hairdresser to keep us informed on the latest and greatest product and techniques to keep our hair looking awesome.  With so many YouTube tutorials out there now I know this is hard to imagine, but there were product sales before the internet.  They happened inside salons.

They happened because hardworking stylists, like myself, worked hard to get the products we wanted to see people using (for the life of their hair!) in their hands.  We promoted and recommended and sampled and did everything.

And salons and stylists were able to earn income because of t his hard work.

Fast forward a few years later (like 10 or 15) and factor in the internet and what that has done in general to the way people buy their products.  They are not buying from stylists anymore, they are buying online.  Many stylists are getting cut out of the food chain automatically because these big companies do not care who recommended the products people are buying, they are just happy they are selling them.   I am one of the salon/stylists who used to see a huge percentage of our salon sales each month come from product only to watch these numbers drop like mad the last 5 years.  Amazon is about to put all of our retail business out of business.  Except for one thing… Direct Sales.

After years of saying NO WAY to anyone and everyone who approached me with any MLM, network marketing, or direct sales company.  ” I would never do that.  Why would I start another business when I already have one?!?”  I have finally seen the light.

Maybe it took having the rug pulled out from under me because of how I was doing business.   Figuring out how much money and income we were missing because of this shift.  AND what I was going to do about it.  If I wanted to grow I  had to roll with the punches and reinvent myself, my approach, my plan of action, and everything else.

I now have several products that support what my salon business is doing, what I do behind the chair, and in my personal life.  I can not tell you how much simpler it is to begin to order 9/10 of the things you need from yourself.  Wow.

That one thing alone makes my life simpler.

Seriously.   I buy vitamins, food supplements, meal replacement shakes, body care, skincare, shampoo/conditioner, eyelash growth serum, wrinkle treatments, essential oils, natural non-chemical cleaning products.  I never  have to leave my house to shop except for groceries and clothes/shoes.


I am definitely not here to tell people to get out there and join multiple sales and product companies.  You probably do not want to work that hard!!!  It is a juggle I am not great at, but I get better with practice everyday.  #workinprogress

What I am here to tell you is that if you did not, or do not, support or believe in this kind of company, you may find you are horribly wrong, just like I was.

And just like, I have a huge change of heart.

If so, you should go for it.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!  I believe in you!

It may not be for everyone.  This Direct Sales thing is work, do not get me wrong.  Anyone who tells you otherwise has not done it.  Or at least , they  have not done it right.  But you know what is awesome about working your residual income business?  You got it.  Residual Income.

Now I just so happen to recommend products for a living everyday I am behind the chair and working with clients.  It is just my nature to help people.

I’ll bet you do too. You are already using products you LOVE telling your friends about, just like me.  I also bet you are doing so without compensation.  It was happening to our salon team.  So we fixed it.   Now we just get them involved too if they want.  It is a win-win.

And one more thing… then I will stop boring you.

Never before in all the years I “sold” retail products off only my salon shelves could I help my clients, friends, and coworkers actually start a business.

Now I can help people start a business in 5 minutes flat.

These are the things that have flipped the script for me.

Maybe they will influence you too.

Maybe not… but Direct Sales is growing stronger everyday. Look it up.  Move over hourly wage jobs, corporate jobs, and all the others… stay-home moms, motivated self-starters, and creative entrepreneurs are taking over the world.

Remember I said that.


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