Scam Alert:

I did not follow my own advice. And I may end up paying for it… if I have not already. Getting scammed isn’t fun for anyone, for any reason. Especially if there is money involved. Lots or little, no one likes to lose. Or be taken for a ride. I got excited. I invested without properly vetting the company I was trusting with my funds. As I have been learning about cryptocurrancy I have read many a warning. You javer probably heard them too… Don’t lose your private keys. Research new coins and ICOs thoroughly before you invest. Don’t leave too much coin on the trading platform. Don’t get excited when BTC price dips. Don’t panic sell. I am learning everyday. Thank goodness. Most recently I have learned what may be the hardest way. I feel I have lost money. I lost the ability to access my coin (at least it seems so) because I may have put my hard earned BTC in a scam site. I got excited. The ROI sounded great! They give you referral credit. And a link! Like this… Looks legit right? I tossed a little money in this just to test the system. I forgot a zero in my decimal and sent more than I intended. Oops. Well, if it is as good as they promise awesome! But it isn’t working as the website stated. Those daily withdraws they promised are failing. 4 days in a row. 10x a day error messages. Oh. No. My bad. I should have waited. I should have waited to find another investor to vibe with about it and get honest opinions. I didn’t. I dove in. Of course, I am trying to be optimistic. Maybe since they are only 22 days old they are experiencing more new users than anticipated. Maybe this is the first growing pain and the withdraw errors will be corrected in the coming days. However… until I can withdraw as promised I am leaning toward this being a scam. Buyer beware. This article expressess my individual opinion. I am not a professional investor or advisor. I heavily suggest with anything cryptocurrancy related you thoroughly investigate before you invest. I am sorry to report I did not take my own advice and I may not recover my funds, let alone the promised gains. But I learned a valuable lesson and will grow from it.

Adulting on Social Media

As many of you may know I am kind of a multi-faceted, multi-tasking kind of entrepreneur. I got a million and one irons in the fire at any given time. At the drop of the hat I could started entirely new project without batting an eyelash.

I thrive on newness. I LOVE CHANGE. But I am also sooooooo old school! I think I am a visionary business woman capable of starting new companies with the wave of my wand, but I was trying to run 4-6 business ventures through one social media account.

Nope. Not happening.

Nothing can grow in a crowded pot.

How simple. Why didn’t I think of that? It took me reaching out to someone to advise me a little bit on my social media so that I could get square on what I needed to do and how I needed to grow. Both as an entrepreneur and how to grow my individual businesses. Now it seems I am running 237 profiles, but it is definitely starting to feel more clearly defined. I know why I am being contacted and how to keep my life slightly more organized. Next I am going to start using LinkedIn. #adulting

Moral to the story… Don’t be afraid to ask for help. And don’t wait until your ship is seeking to do so. Waiting too late to ask for help or going about something without asking professional advice is not a smart business decision. Especially not these days when an informed expert is literally a click away.

Grounded. Organized. Grateful.

Glad to be on the right track. Humbly admitting my shortcomings while capitalizing on my strengths. Going for it.

7 streams of income. #goals

What do you want to grow?


When The Yuck Arrives. Literally.

It’s that time of year again. The time a year when kids go back to school, our seasons start to get confused, pollen goes a little stir crazy one last time, and it seems everyone you encounter is fighting off some sort of The Yuck. I’m not talking about that emotional spiritual depression type of Yuck although we could talk about that in another post… I’m talking today about actual Yuck. Sniffles, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, ugly face, cold and flu, allergy infested kind of Yuck. The really yucky kind. You know it. It makes your eyes water and keeps you up at night. Hopefully it never turns into any full blown bronchial or pneumonia like episode and only stays in the annoying makes-everything-slow-motion and sluggish phase. But it is usually enough to slow us down a notch and we don’t care too much for that. So because the grown ups in my house work in environments where we are dealing with clients/patients and the kiddos attend public schools… we get our share of exposure to The Yuck. We need protection. Sometimes we need more than others. This month The Yuck has hit our household a little bit more than usual. We have upped our defenses in all directions. I want to share with you what it is that we’re doing and how. Stock up on herbs, supplements, and produce! I’ve been using medicinal herbs for years. You can buy them online these days or you can sometimes find them at a local Herb Store. Some things you can even grow in your own backyard! Whether you decide to go out and seek raw herbs or by the pre-packaged form they will really help you maintain higher levels of immunity and protect you during cold and flu season. And when I say supplements I mean things like vitamins, garlic, and oregano oil. YL makes a product we love called Inner Defense we take when we feel The Yuck is headed our way. And we cook and eat fresh as much as possible. If anyone gets actually under attack I make homemade soup with tons of healing herbs and we ALL eat that for a day or two! It’s all about the honey, honey. Buy local honey produced within 100 miles (50 is even better) of your home. Eat it everyday. In your teas for sure. You can sweeten your coffee even… cook with it. Be careful with how much honey you take at once if you’re diabetic, as it does increase and spike you’re hypoglycemic rate slightly more than white sugar. But for anyone who isn’t, local honey in your daily routine is an outstanding way to guard yourself against The Yuck. Here is why: Honey that is produced within 50 to a 100 miles of where you live contains all the pollens that are flying through the air that you can possibly be reacting to , it’s like having a natural antibody to fight your allergies. Most perfect allergy remedy in nature. If suffer from allergies especially, you will see a difference if you eat 1-2 tsp a day. Raise your alkalinity. There are a million ways that you can do this, and If you still don’t understand why it’s important to have a proper pH balance inside your body Then I would send you down that Internet worm hole that leads you on a search to do that homework and then come back. To sum it up, you need to be pH balanced and modern diet makes it damn near impossible to do it alone. A.C.V. is your friend. There’s plenty of information out there telling you all the thousands of reasons why you should be drinking it as part of your diet. If you are sick, have allergies, or are at all feeling under the weather at all, I suggest you do this every day until you feel back to 100%. It may make you feel so good that you wanna do it every day. Try adding honey, lemon, and cinnamon to make more palpable (pssssst. Those all have health benefits too!). Take a probiotic, eat some ginger, and lots and lots of leafy greens, colorful veggies, and keep processed foods out of your body as much as possible. Sometimes you can’t avoid coming into contact with germs and sickness, but you can do your very best to protect your own immunity and keep yourself healthy and well. Know what things can help support you on your healing journey. Take care of you. P.S. At the time of publishing this blog even I was almost knocked down by a cold/flu virus, but after 3 days of holistic alchemy and apothecary I am well on my way back to 100%. Herbs and oils work.

Kentucky Derby Creates Incredible Dress Up Opportunity 

So the boyfriend showed up recently home from work after a long hard day and said ” Hey babe,  you want to get dressed up this weekend and go to a party?”

Ummmm. Duh!  Yes!  Is this a real question? 

Of. Course. It is a given.

I want to get dressed up and go to a party!

And so we did… and we had a ball.

Jennifer and Justin Credible take the Kentucky Derby Gathering by storm.

I was super excited once i started researching what one wears to this sort of event.  I wanted a combination of Princess Diana meets Pretty Woman meets Beyonce.   I went with a simple well fitting demure dove grey dress and matching leather pumps with a cute bow detail on the toe.  My hat came straight outta my own inventory at Jekyll & Hyde.   I choose what I thought was an ostentatious navy blue feathered asymmetrical mad hatter sort of number, but I found out that next year I need to find (or create)  one even more over the top.  Especially if I want to win a prize.

My guy, on the other hand,  was the absolutely most dapper guy there… with his summer suit, suspenders, tie, hat, and shoe ensemble he was hard to beat.  I love that he loves dress up too!


Isn’t he handsome?!?

Jennifer and Justin Credible, Kentucky Derby Gathering 2017

Moral to the story…

Dress up is awesome.   Everyone should do it.

I plan to play dress up forever. 

My Trip Down Cryptocurrency Lane

A hippie can own digital currency and mean it.

I totally love to learn new things.

I also totally love things that have the ability to produce income.

If I find a place in life where these two loves collide, I have found a serious happy place. And I may stay and hang out there a while…

I had this occur another time recently too, as I have been asking to expand my horizons in regards to combining my passions with my income producing side of life. I discovered that my rock and crystal passion

Continue reading “My Trip Down Cryptocurrency Lane”

What I Do At “Work”.

Hey everyone sometimes something is so fun that you have to share with everybody that you know who will listen. Right?

I am having one of those moments. 

So I am still “working ” three days (or more) behind the chair every week at my Henderson ave salon in Dallas Tx,  Jekyll & Hyde Transformation Salon. Actually, I work way more than three days a week, just not behind the chair.  I have many other things I have to do these days. Things like payroll, and paperwork, and marketing, and advertising, and, and, and…   

 I add in the quotation marks because the following is the kind of thing I get to create at work when I am behind the chair.   And people pay me for this. Often. Or at least often enough for me…  Which rocks.
Here are a few still shots…

My color pallete for #rainbowroots.

Rainbow Roots by Jennifer Hyde

So. Much.  Fun.

You can hardly call it work.  Except that it takes 3 processes, and each requires its own prep.  The whole thing takes about 3.5-5 hours.  And that is because I am pretty skilled at this pre-lighten-then-recolor-with-rainbows-and-unicorns thing. My staff members called around recently and found out many of our competitors need several 3-4 hour sessions at $300-400 each.

I would say my price for this is incredibly reasonable,  all things considered,  and I am fast. And I enjoy making rainbows in hair.

 Win-win, win.

And the best part is, I have built a whole team who can dive in and do this kind of creative color too.  You should check them out sometime.   Rockstars I tell ya… we are making rockstars.  Click here to see the house talent at

I Needed to Lose 30 Pounds, Become a Millionaire, and Change the World. 

As I sat daydreaming about 5 years ago, thinking about what i wanted out of my life, and I had some pretty dramatic visions.  I thought about where i wanted to travel. I drummed up a great image of myself on a cute little bike with a basket on the front I would be riding to run my errands when I’m 75.  I will be that eclectic mismatched colorful lady with flowers in her hair, waving and smiling at everyone. 

 I imagined the Wellness Retreat that I would like to one day run somewhere on some beautiful Island.  I imagined that I owned said island.  And by creating community, could help lots of people who needed to reconnect with their higher self, or nature, or God, or whatever they need to get centered. 

I was having very hefty dreams. In my dreams I’m wealthy and unconcerned about how my income flows in. In my dreams I’m svelte and trim and strong and highly capable in my physical body.  I am healthy, exuberant, and vivacious.   In my dreams I have a place people come to regain their personal power.  That day something really struck me.

I Wanted to Lose 30 Pounds, Become a Millionaire, and Change the World. 

Possibly in that order.

But how?  I was sorta doing alright at life.  Not great, but ok.  From the outside looking in it probably looked good.  I had just opened a shop in a trendy hip part of town.   My chairs were filling up with clients and stylists, but I still felt really unfulfilled. 

I knew somethinghad to change.  And that something was me.

I was realized that the cute little eclectic lady in my dreams was not going exist if i didn’t start creating her immediately.  I started eating better.  I tossed out all the bad foods from the cabinets and evolved my habits drastically.  I cut out soda in the 90s, but I had plenty of hideous stuff I was still consuming that I knew was unhealthy.  So I did my best to stop.

If changing my eating was step one, changing my mindset about business matters was step 2.  

You might think, as a small business owner who has had relatively good success over the years, this wasn’t necessary.   But. It. Was.

I’ve been a business owner off and on for over 25 years now. So many things have changed about the way we do business,  and yet so many things about the way I was doing business had not changed.  Isn’t that the definition of insanity?  To do the same things over and over and over expecting different results is not effective.   Trust me.  If I was going to break through my own self-created proverbial ceiling, I was going to have to break through my own mental blocks about business and change.

I had to get my shift together. 

It is funny… I used to educate to hairdressers from the platform and share other people’s information. I have always known I was a good teacher,  and knew I was supposed to share something of my own. And yet, had zero idea what that was. So I took a break from traveling and gave it some thought. 

I was in business to earn a living. That was and is no longer enough for me. I want more.

I am now focused on helping a hundred or maybe even a thousand people make a living. One day maybe even 100k people.

I spent years and years and years of racking my brain trying to figure out the “one thing” that I was supposed to do in this lifetime to help change the world only to understand that I have already been doing it.  

I  help people feel powerful towards taking control of their life, their finances, and creating better solutions for their everyday experience on this planet.  I am here to share the tools with everyone who wants to know.

My conversion to this new way of life has taken 5 years.  It wasn’t easy.  You may not have even noticed… but I am different. I know it. 

I chose to change so I could expand. 

Is there something you could change right now that would have long-term and long-lasting positive effects in your life?

I’m not saying to recreate and reinvent all of life all inside of a day.  But maybe when you daydream about what your life is going to be like in 20 or 30 or 40 years… you see yourself in a vision that’s not congruent to the way that you’re living your life right now.

If the way that you’re living your life right now is not going to produce the person that you envision yourself to be in the second half of your lifetime, what are you going to do about it?

Smell your cheese often so you know when it starts to mold.”  Who Moved My Cheese.

Still one of favorite quotes because it is true!

Change is possible if you are open and ready.

Easy? Maybe or maybe not.

Worthwhile?   Definitely. 

Love you either way,

I Said I Would NEVER Join An MLM. I Ate My Words. And I Liked It.

This is a short story about how the retail part of  the beauty industry has evolved over the last decade…

Imagine a time, before the WWW, that we all had to rely on our hairdresser to keep us informed on the latest and greatest product and techniques to keep our hair looking awesome.  With so many YouTube tutorials out there now I know this is hard to imagine, but there were product sales before the internet.  They happened inside salons. Continue reading “I Said I Would NEVER Join An MLM. I Ate My Words. And I Liked It.”

Cleaning Up My Act is Hard

Some days I love every single thing about my life exactly as it stands. I even mostly love the bad, that is what being evolved/awake/enlightened is about.  Being on the path is just as lovely and full and whole.

Most days I accept this as truth, and it is.

Then other days I want more…

More Love. More Fun. More Excitement. More adventure, dancing, sunshine, sandy beaches, moonlight walks.

I know to get more of all these things I need to Clean. Up. My. Act.

Let me tell you what this means to me.  I have been reserved in speaking my truth on these pages.  They are blank.   You know why?  I got slightly complacent and comfortable that my truth was not going to be that much different than what other awakened individuals are speaking on.  Could I make a difference?  Is what I already do enough?  Running a salon is a full time gig.  So is running a vintage shop.  So is running a team of Network Marketing professionals.  So is… So is… So is…

Sounds whiny and like it is full of excuses.  That is because it is.

I started this blog many, many moons ago… and then I stopped.  I started to open my mouth and speak on desire, life, living in the moment, business, every thing I think I love and know to share.  Then I promptly got quiet.  Like my voice just snapped shut and didn’t operate fully since.   My truth didn’t go away, just my immediate desire and need to express it so loudly to the whole world.  Facebook interaction has been enough for me to get by and feel “heard”.  So I have settled into the zone of unserious about writing.  I have wondered what it was going to take to get this inaction reversed.

As luck would have it… the Universe (or God if you prefer) always decides these things for us when we take too long and is usually much more direct with the approach.  The last few months I have morphed.

Not altogether by choice.

I am feeling deeply the pains of society and everyday brings a new knife wound in my already injured tolerance in the name of “loving thy enemy”.

So guess what I have been doing since November… Nesting.  Organizing.  Making lists.  Tossing clutter.  Make Dreams into Goals. Cleaning Up My Act.

In order to be fully present in this endeavor called LIFE I had to clear the decks a little.  Or maybe a lot.  Formulate some game plans. Strategize.  Set my businesses to run slightly more independently from me and ground myself in the Earth energy that will be required for me to get it out. I dug out every crystal, every book, every tool.  I had to go deep, meditate, heal some things.

I have an immense amount of gratitude for the journey so far, an I am incredibly excited for the future.

So in order to grow and prosper right now you may need to do some housekeeping too.

What do you need to clean up?

I applaud this process and will be excited to hear about what you #cleanup in order to #prosper or #speakyourtruth.