Who I Am


1.) Bold and unashamed: showing or expressing boldness and a complete lack of shame.

2.) Marked by flagrant and insolent audacity. Synonyms; shameless.


1.) Someone who rejects the established culture and advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle. Synonyms: free-spirit, bohemian, non-conformist.

I am Jennifer Hyde. I am a unique and expressive woman, daughter, mother, sister, creator, entrepreneur, master stylist, salon owner, dreadlock expert, and business/life coach. I am a friend, lover, teacher, student, leader, weekend DIY-er, amateur handy-(Wo)man, a tree-hugging recycle/reuse/repurpose fanatic, an artist, a seamstress, culinary experimenter, builder, painter, reader, designer, independent thinker, philosopher, conspiracy theorist, expert negotiator, instigator of fun, holistic self-healer, self-studied herbalist, and Transformation Specialist, Artist of Apothecary.

Thriving on the flowing juices of creativity and controversy, I have passion for uplifting others while being the best possible me I can be. I am bold in my actions and I use my voice. I resist conforming to molds and I am not likely to be found following the pack. I desire a full, outrageously fun, amazingly flavorful experience with no room for shame or regret while I’m in this body.

I am a free spirit.

I love love.

I am a Brazen Hippie.

Creative. Stylish. Bold. Energetic. Unique. Free. Honest. Alive. Spunky. Funky. Insightful. Vibrant. Jazzy. Talented. Amazing. Strong. Sassy. Charismatic. Outspoken. Thoughtful. Friendly. Exciting. BLESSED (Which I certainly am, and incredibly grateful to have had such wonderful mentors, friends, and family, all constantly pushing me to do MORE. Much LOVE.).

BadAss Purveyor of Truth.

I AM a truth seeker! I desire to uncover the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Energetically speaking, that is. And more than that, I will inspire and assist others to find and speak their TRUTH.

I am Jennifer Hyde.

I am very excited to meet you.